Christmas List, Part II

Hello, everyone, and thank you for stopping on by to check out the second installment of the Christmas wish-list extravaganza: the “other” wish list.  If you just got here, don’t forget to check out part I, The Clothing Wish List!

Although clothes are really practical, I think other things (like those on this list) are more durable (and therefore remain a part of the person’s life for a longer period of time), exciting/unique/interesting, and definitely prove to be easy-pleasers.  What I mean by “easy-pleasers” is that I think most people are pretty picky about what they put on their body, but not so much so about what they put on their bookshelf or in their desk.  I also included jewelry on this list.  Yes, yes.  I understand that since you wear jewelry you could technically place it in the clothing category, but I think that generally speaking, it is pretty difficult to go wrong with jewelry.

Let’s get started!

Other wish list

1. I have heard a lot of good things about this book.  From friends, around the internet, and at the office.  This awesome post about being happier at home by headed somewhere references the book a few times.  I am excited to see what else is hidden between this book’s covers!

2. I bring a lunch to work everyday.  Sadly, I use a simple plastic grocery bag to carry my sandwich and its accessories (erm…snacks?).  I wanted a neoprene lunch bag, and I was oh so excited when I stumbled upon this lunch bag that you can monogram!  Afterall, anything is better with a monogram, right?  If you agree, than Whimsees, the site where I found this lunch bag is your haven!  It has tons of merchandise that can be monogrammed!

3. Elephants have been my favorite animals since about 3rd grade, making this necklace a great option!  If the ivory elephant doesn’t quite float your boat (yeah, a little ironic, right?), there seem to be many other options around the internet these days.

4. In the winter, I have hot chocolate almost every morning with my breakfast, but I don’t have a tea kettle; I just heat water in a pot!  I love this tea kettle because it is a modern take on a traditional form.  Not to mention, it is by Oxo Good Grips; all the products I own by them have really impressed me.

5. This is kind of a “reach” request for me (read: yeah right, I’d never actually get these!).  Despite this, I still love these earrings from Tiffany & Co..  Never fear!  There are many less expensive but comparable options!  I personally love, love, love these by Kate Spade.

6. Often, it is really difficult for me to pick a favorite movie, but Inception has definitely had that top spot for over a year now.  I love how it makes you think.  So many movies require no mental interaction whatsoever.  This one, however, requires you to think it through to understand what is going on.  That makes it better with each viewing.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Leonardo DiCaprio is extremely attractive, either.

7. These cute studs are at the online J. Crew Factory Store.  I really like the clean look, but I hesitate a little since they were ambiguously labeled as made of “metal.”  They would probably hurt my ears, but I still love them!

8. As my sister said when I showed her my wishlist, “What is that?“!  It’s called a library embosser.  You can use it to stamp your books with your name.  I like this one because it lets you put your name and your monogram on it, but this one from Neiman Marcus is cheaper and still cute.

9. This edition of Pride and Prejudice is fully annotated and very highly reviewed.  I really love Jane Austen (after all, I am practically the namesake of one of her (minor) characters!), but this edition is apparently very (maybe almost excessively) informative.  Additionally, it is a coffee table sized book, so it is easy to display.  If Pride and Prejudice isn’t your favorite Jane Austen novel, check out Emma and Persuasion that are also in the series.

Well, that wraps it up for this list (haha, gift pun)!  I hope you enjoyed these ideas for “other” gifts.  What do you hope to receive this year off your “other” list?  I’d love to hear about what other people want for Christmas!



ps. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow to look at my “to-do” wish list; activities I want to do with my family over the break.


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