First episode of “Sanditon”


Double post day!  Just because there is a very exciting development from YouTube today.  Gigi (Darcy that is!) just posted her very first vlog for the new “Sanditon” series.  Here it is:

I can’t tell how it is going to be…but if it is anything like The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, it’ll be awesome!  I just thought I would let everyone know so you can check it out, if you’re interested.  I’m thinking that assistant to the mayor is looking pretty cute…and about Gigi’s age.  Hmm.  We’ll see how things pan out!




ps. Are you as big a fan of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries as I am?  I thought they were absolutely amazing!



4 Replies to “First episode of “Sanditon””

    1. “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries” is a multi-platform, immersive multimedia experience adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Basically, they are “vlogs” (video blogs) posted on YouTube along with coordinating websites etc. It is just another way to tell the story of Pride and Prejudice.

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