I admit it. I play Minecraft, and I love it. There is just something about being able to create and discover things that has me enchanted with the game. I have been working on my world intermittently for about 3 years now, I think. It’s called G-world 5.0 (I had a few false starts before I finally settled very nicely into my current world). Just looking at my world, you wouldn’t think that much of it, but it really is pretty awesome (at least in my opinion).

I play in survival, which means that I gather all my own resources for projects. I find survival a lot more enjoyable than creative mode (where you have endless resources) because it makes it a little more challenging and it makes all my builds that much more impressive. :)

While I play in survival, I also typically play in “peaceful” mode, meaning none of the mobs (the monsters that come out at night) spawn in my world. I find fighting mobs extremely stressful (not to mention I’m terrible at it), which is exactly the opposite of the reason I play the game. Typically, I find Minecraft relaxing and rejuvenating, while still being goal-oriented, but in a gentle way.

My landscape looks natural and lush, but this is largely due to the efforts I have put in to create it myself (so-called “terra-forming”). When earlier this week I was passing through an area of my world that I consider a main thorough-fare, and saw this, I was very upset.2017-08-13_09.36.20If you don’t play Minecraft, you may not realize that there is anything wrong with this image, except that it looks weird to have some floating logs. This area used to be a nice, full forest area with a graceful canopy of leaves over the staircase, but as you can tell it has been destroyed. :( The only thing that could have done this is a fire.

In Minecraft, there is a game rule called “Fire spread.” Essentially, if you light a fire, there is a high probability that at some point in the future, the one block you lit on fire will spread to other surrounding blocks. I don’t light fires. Unfortunately, this does not prevent fire spread from affecting my world. When it rains in the game, there is often thunder and lightening. There is always a chance the lightening may set a fire on the ground, thus precipitating a forest fire. This is what must have happened in this area of my world.

Much like fighting mobs, I don’t find re-building areas very enjoyable.  I knew from watching YouTube videos that it is possible to turn off fire spread in the game, but I didn’t know how. Moreover, I knew I likely could not do it in my world since G-world 5.0 is a “no cheats” world. My first task was to turn on cheats. Luckily, I found this link which explained very clearly how to do just that. After activating cheats, I was able to use the command, “/gamerule doFireTick false.” The game allowed me to enter this command, so I hope it was successful! I’ll have to do some tests to make sure everything has gone through successfully.

Below is the area that was affected by the fire, corrected to once again appear green and lush.


Happy crafting!




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